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Templar Cornhole Welcomes You

We value our customer so much for supporting Templar Cornhole so we put some thought on how we can honor that. We brought all Gen 1 bags down to rock bottom prices..

The All  New Hardline Series. You won't want to miss these. They are 🔥 They will sell fast... With our new Fill and never seen before material in work..We believe we have the #1 bags in cornhole dropping in our new series.

We are one of the newest companies on the market, a company committed to bringing you new products, we make advanced pro style bags, custom merchandise and more advanced fabrics, incredible fill and a new experience, you don't get anywhere else. Get yours now!   Be on the look out for Templar Cornhole as we crank out some of the best bags you can get. Period..

Prices are cheap. Dont let that mis-lead you for the bags we produce! 

These bags stay true to the board. They don't kick, have a great feel coming off your hand because of the hard work we put into testing all of our bags.
Be orginal- Be Templar

#templarthrown #teamtemplar

At Templar Cornhole, quality is our Priority. We are committed to bringing you the best bag on the market. We produce high quality products with an exceptionally fast delivery time.

Bag Break in Method-  If you want to break down the sublimation a bit we suggest a hot water soak for 1 hr. Then set on a oven screen to air dry overnight.
We will not warranty any bag that has been boiled or altered, but hot water from your sink will not hurt the bags. Stay away from the Dryer if you don't have any heat control. We suggest to just throw them. It just helps you as a player get more familiar with your bags. 

We are cornhole players, creating cornhole bags and gear for all our cornhole enthusiasts... 


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Contact Us

Interested in learning more? Simply reach out to us and we will answer any questions you may have. "TURN-IN 21" is something we are building, please send us pictures of you playing cornhole and turning in your 21 at you local events and wherever you play. As we develop "TURN-IN 21" we will keep you posted on what this "TURN-IN 21" means for you. Go to our Facebook page and post your games and share your Templar bags and gear on our social media pages. You can submit your pictures here if you would like. Win Prizes and more.

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Get every update on new products from the Templar Cornhole Team!

We want to first thank you for visiting our website, welcome to the home of the Templar Cornhole Family, we start our journey to provide you with the best cornhole products on the market. We are committed to bringing you the most revolutionary products you can get as we improve processes and discover new fabrics, speeds, fills, to bring you the best cornhole bag in the game. We are a original company and will be bringing our own specialized fill and fabrics with a new flare to the game we love so much!

If you would like updates on all new bag drops  please sign up below on our Subscription form.

Sincerely, Templar Team

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