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Templar Queen Bag Speed 4/7

Templar Queen Bag Speed 4/7

SKU: 107

TC☆ Queen bag rated at a 4/7 bag filled with a new and different resin poly pellet. These poly pellets don't fall out of your hand when gripping the bag! Extremely vibrant colors include a visually striking hot pink vintage Templar Cross.

FILL- MIX- small-A cemetrical and light weight disk


Some say this is the most underrated bag in the line-up.

Such a great price for this bag.

  • Terms

    I understand that....

    • These bags are premium bags and to be used on premium boards, because of the delicate fabrics used on pro style bags they are prone to snags on boards that are not coated correctly. 

    • Refunds will not be processed for surface snags on material, because it will not effect the play of the bag. We WILL refund your order if there is a defect on our end, or replace a bag that has broken through on the seam. (Up to 90 days)

  • Shipping

    All bags will be shipped within 7 days.

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